wycliffe gordon

speakyspokey - 12/12/2009 at 08:56 PM


lost techniques, people think that techniques have incresed over time, yes but there are a lot of techniques which have been lost in modern jazz.

Take the piano, you still have a few players who play stride because bud powell did ot play that , even though monk played it.

But Monk knew were history came from, he was modern but you still heard the glorius past.

That is the problem with guys like Charlie Parker, Coltrane and Bud Powell as so influential that players want to sound like them so much, they are willing to let go everything they havelearnt.

How many people want to sound like Coltrane but do not? why?

Because tyring was listening to influences , they are not listening to.

Economics also influences what is being played, it is hard to have big bands where some techniques and colours can be played. Mingus tried have a big band sound with a small band, but the was the vattle of his life.